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Tired of pretty boys getting all the glory

Tired of pretty boys getting all the glory
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This community is devoted to the men who don't get the credit they deserve. Real men, stuck in the shadows behind the likes of Pretty-Boy Pitt, Crazy-Guy Cruise, and Budding-Bonnie Bloom. These guys are all grown up, with facial hair and everything! If you can think of someone/something we have left out, comment to us and we'll edit our information as quickly as possible. Our guys don't give the impression of being constructed in a lab. If you shine a flashlight on them, you'll see flaws, but you won't see nuts and bolts.

There will eventually be altogether 10 men at the top of our interest community, because merely being interested in "Real Men" is too broad a topic. Info and updates will be supplied by me (kaptainketchup4) or my associate (abby_normal_0) weekly on these top ten, as well as anyone else requested. Thus far, we have six of the list completed, and will add four more based on recommendations. The men at this point are Conan O'Brien, Ewan McGregor, Vince Vaughn, Vincent D'Onofrio, Gary Dourdan, and Hugh Laurie.

Here are the rules....
1.) The men nominated must be: at least 5'10"; at least 30 years old; talented; and underappreciated.
2.) The men nominated may NOT be: blonde; Gemini; metrosexual; or sexist/racist/anti-Sematic, etc...
3.) Pictures are welcome, but any bigger than 300x400 should please be placed behind an lj-cut. No nude photos, please.
4.) No flames. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and disagreements should be handled maturely.
5.) Met one of these gentlemen? Share your stories with us!