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So, everybody's bitching about Vinny D again. For several reasons, too.

1.) When attending a mandatory NBC sexual-harrassment meeting, he interrupted the speaker several times and grew increasingly angry when he was talked over. The trouble began when the lawyer presented a hypothetical scenario - involving a costume assistant stumbling on a male actor looking at hard-core porn in his trailer - and asked if that constituted sexual harassment. "Why is it always a male actor?" D'Onofrio interjected, according to a Lowdown spy. "This policy is unfair! It's a matter of subjectivity, pitting one person's idea of what's acceptable against another's."

2.) Matthew Modine published the journal he kept while shooting "Full Metal Jacket." Apparently, he and Vince didn't get along AT ALL. "I don't like to use hate," Modine wrote. "Hate is powerful. Hate should be reserved for truly hateful things. But I'm almost there..." "Vince and I are ready to come to blows," he continued later. Gee. Who would've won that fight?

Again, you either love him or hate him. Not everybody can love him.
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